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Thursday, Feb 22, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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Alternative Energy

GSE Solutions and NuScale Power use simulation to determine next step in alternative energy project

GSE’s part in this involves using its advanced modelling technologies to provide accuracy and detail

NuScale Nuclear Reactor. Image via NuScale

GSE Solutions (NASDAQ:GVP) announced today it intends to build a hydrogen plant model to add to NuScale Power‘s (NYSE: SMR) VOYGR small modular reactor (SMR) plant simulation.

The project’s purpose is to determine the technical specifics and economic feasibility of connecting a NuScale SMR to a hydrogen production facility. Also, NuScale will modify its control room simulator to assess the Integrated Energy System (IES) and include GSE’s hydrogen production models. The project is called “Development and Demonstration of a Concept for an Economically Optimized IES.”

“Our modelling of SMR technology and nuclear power systems help facilitate hydrogen production and demonstrates the potential to balance and stabilize power grids that will be driven by renewable energy sources in the future,” said Kyle Loudermilk, president and CEO of GSE Solutions.

The aim is on balancing and stabilizing power grids dominated by renewable energies through hydrogen production and NuScale believes SMR technology is the answer. Subsequently, energy markets produce reliability concerns during peak times when energy demand is high, and renewable production is low. Hydrogen, used as a resource, would be stored and processed through a Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (RSOFC) for electricity generation.

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GSE simulations offer strategic options

GSE’s part in this involves using its advanced modelling technologies to provide accuracy and detail. Additionally, it will enable simulators to test engineering changes, including system design and strategies.

NuScale called upon GSE and a number of other companies to support its development and assessment of an IES for hydrogen production using electricity and heat from the VOYGR SMR. Other companies include Shell Global Solutions, Idaho National Laboratory, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), Fuel Cell Energy, and FpoliSolutions.

Three simulation companies amalgamated in 1994 to form GSE Systems and has grown through accretive acquisitions. Now it develops and markets simulation software for nuclear, oil and gas electricity generators, and the chemical process industries. Also, it carries a product for monitoring power plants and providing signal analysis for the power industry.

GSE and NuScale have a 10+ year working relationship, which has produced four Energy Exploration Centres using GSE’s simulation tech. The companies have also worked together to demonstrate NuScale’s control room operating and staffing philosophy using a GSE simulator. The RSOFC will showcase the company’s new concepts for use in SMR-based power plants.

The company’s headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, with global operations in Sweden, China, UK, and India.


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