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Thursday, Oct 6, 2022
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EndoCanna partners with Biostrap for new custom-tailored therapeutics solution

Intelligent wrist-worn device will help provide data needed for optimal cannabis use

EndoCanna partners with Biostrap for new custom-tailored therapeutics solution
Photo via EndoCanna Health

A medical-grade biosensors technology specialist has now engaged in a partnership with a biotechnology research company specializing in assessing genetic data to determine cannabis products best suited for individual’s.

On Wednesday, Biostrap USA, LLC (the company) announced a new collaboration with EndoCanna Health to offer a customized comprehensive therapeutics solution for cannabis users.

Biostrap says that how consumers react to CBD or other cannabinoids is dependent on a combination of their endocannabinoid system (ECS) and genetic makeup and that the two companies intend to culminate their expertise to provide best usage knowledge to consumers.

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Through the analysis of over 675,000 “single nucleotide polymorphisms” associated with the ECS, scientists at EndoCanna claim they have uncovered distinctive endocannabinoid genotypes (characteristics of individuals’ genetic makeup) that will enable them to precisely match THC and cannabinoid ratios along with terpene profiles to assist individual’s with achieving their health aspirations.

To take it a step further, Biostrap says that through the combination of genomic data and its “ultra high-fidelity raw photoplethysmography (PPG) biometric data” (used to measure heart rate and circulation) the company will be able to provide a non-invasive, wrist-worn means of measuring treatment efficacy while improving outcomes derived from cannabinoids and mitigating any risks or unwanted side effects.

“By aligning DNA with biometrics, we are able to create hyper-personalization to offer better outcomes while minimizing adverse reactions,” said Len May, CEO and Founder of EndoCanna Health.

“it’s the raw data that really separated Biostrap from everybody else. Using the Biostrap wrist-worn device, we’re able to verify the efficacy and the outcome of the actual protocol that’s been suggested, creating a truly personalized therapeutic experience,” added May.

Biostrap says that once an individual’s ECS profile has been established and they have received a personal protocol from a medical professional, a Care Counselor from EndoCanna will closely monitor their sleep patterns and nocturnal biometrics through a specialized platform in order to interpret data and offer feedback.

“This is the kind of partnership that shows how Biostrap’s clinically reliable PPG data can bridge the gap between personalizing health interventions and treatments, and monitoring the efficacy of a prescribed protocol with data-driven accuracy,” said Sameer Sontakey, CEO and Co-Founder of Biostrap.

“Our team believes that providing a secure, reliable and cloud-based remote physiologic monitoring platform can truly help personalize and optimize the precision therapeutics experience.”

Photo via EndoCanna Health


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