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Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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AI and Autonomy

DiagnaMed Holdings launches medical chatbot powered by ChatGPT

Dr. GenAI can gather information about an individual to understand their unique medical profile

DiagnaMed Holdings launches medical chatbot powered by ChatGPT
Image via DiagnaMed Holdings.

DiagnaMed Holdings Corp. (CSE: DMED) (OTCQB: DGNMF) launched a generative artificial intelligence medical chatbot called Dr. GenAI powered by ChatGPT.

The company said on Thursday that Dr. GenAI is its third commercial product from its Health GenAI division, which works on the development and sale of generative AI health applications.

Dr. GenAI is an interactive medical chatbot designed to provide individuals with fast and personalized medical information based on their specific health conditions. With its natural and human-like conversational abilities, Dr. GenAI aims to become a regular part of people’s lives, offering insights into symptoms and suggesting potential health solutions.

Moreover, Dr. GenAI can gather information about an individual’s physical traits, vital signs and laboratory test results to enhance its understanding of their unique medical profile. The company states in a press release that its chatbot is not meant as a substitute or replacement for medical professionals and may occasionally make errors. However, its primary goal is to empower individuals to take a proactive role in managing their healthcare.

“Dr. GenAI aligns with our objective of developing and commercializing OpenAI ChatGPT powered solutions for the healthcare market and incorporating them into our CERVAI™ generative AI brain health platform,” said Fabio Chianelli, chairman and CEO of DiagnaMed.

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The program is designed to help patients, doctors with access to knowledge

Dr. GenAI has been created using the extensive knowledge and development experience of the company’s proprietary generative AI brain health platform, CERVAI. It is specifically designed to cater to patients and licensed medical professionals as well as hospitals and life science companies. Dr. GenAI is integrated into the CERVAI platform and gives patients access to a range of solutions aimed at enhancing their brain health.

In addition to Dr. GenAI, Diagnamed has developed three other generative AI programs: Cervai, PAL GPT and AI Health Forms.

CERVAI is an advanced brain health AI platform that utilizes generative AI technology. Its primary objective is to predict and monitor brain age, offering valuable insights and tools to diagnose, prevent, or enhance cognitive decline associated with mental health and neurodegenerative disorders. The platform aims to provide actionable information and support for individuals in their pursuit of improved brain health.

PAL GPT offers natural, human-like conversations and integrates into people’s daily lives. It serves as a private companion, providing engaging and concise text messages via SMS chat for individuals seeking personalized support.

AI Health Forms helps licensed professionals and clinical researchers by simplifying the process of developing forms and surveys. These tools are designed to align with their workflow and assist in achieving their patient care and research objectives quickly and easily.

Dr. GenAI offers a free subscription plan that allows users to exchange up to 20 messages per month at no cost. Unlimited messaging and access to new features comes with the PRO version, which is $19.99 a month.

Since Chat GPT arrived on the scene many companies are shifting their focus over to artificial intelligence, and medical companies, and those offering medical advice, are no exception.  Health service provider Babylon Health (NYSE: BBLN) introduced a health service platform that combines artificial intelligence with a virtual clinic. The London-based company has expanded to 17 countries, including Rwanda and the United States.

There are also numerous private companies operating in the space, such as Ada Health, which uses AI to provide clinical analysis and assist with patient diagnostics.

Diagnamed Holdings shares were flat at $0.075 on Friday on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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