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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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Could Green Relief Inc. Be the Next Big Cannabis IPO?

Green Relief Inc. could be an intriguing investment opportunity when it inevitably IPO’s.

Green Relief Inc. could be an intriguing investment opportunity when it inevitably hits the markets. What makes The Company special is not its focus on quality or even global expansion. Instead, it’s Green Relief’s technology for growing cannabis which makes it stand out and that could make it popular with investors looking for eco-friendly pot stocks.

In an aquaponic farm, fish and cannabis plants help one another. Fish waste that has been filtered helps to fertilize the plants. And in return, the cannabis plants help to then clean the water for the fish. It’s a technology that Green Relief has been working on for multiple years and it says is free of pesticides. In addition to using 90% less water, it is also able to provide better-yielding plants as well.

Not only does Green Relief try to be green, but it also gives back to the community as well. According to its website, it provides shelters with fish and vegetables and is “exploring ways to integrate job positions for the physically disabled through the Ontario Disability Employment Network.” It’s a noble effort that we haven’t seen much of from cannabis companies, and it’s yet another way that Green Relief stands out from its peers.

The Company is also working on equipping medical professionals with the information that they need to make better decisions relating to cannabis and more aware of its benefits. In one of Green Relief’s expansion projects, it promises to have a state-of-the-art laboratory that at 10,000 square feet will give doctors and universities a lot of space to study and learn more about medical marijuana and its benefits.

Expansion underway

The Company currently has an environmentally-friendly facility in Hamilton with 30,000 square feet of space. However, it also has multiple expansions currently planned in Ontario and Nova Scotia that will help Green Relief significantly add to its capacity and help it ramp up production.

IPO on the way?

With expansion often comes a big need for cash. Back in February, Warren Bravo, who co-founded Green Relief, said that an initial public offering might happen “within months.” While we’ve yet to see anything happen on that front just yet, it’s something investors may want to keep on their radar as Green Relief’s technology could be game-changing and attract investors that are looking for socially responsible and environmentally friendly companies to invest in.

The Company is said to be preparing to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange, which is home to many big pot stocks, and didn’t rule out a listing on the NASDAQ either. Bravo also said that he expects Green Relief will be able to turn a profit sometime this year, which is also not something that’s typical for many pot stocks.

Bottom line

Although we don’t have a date for when Green Relief might make its way onto the markets, it’s a company that investors might want to keep on eye on. With a unique technology, environmentally aware, and with the potential to be profitable, it will certainly be a big change from many marijuana stocks out there today and could be a good investment opportunity.




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