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Friday, Dec 9, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Cannabis Media Council forms to educate masses and destigmatize pot use

Council will launch its first ad campaign this fall in the U.S. to help normalize cannabis consumption

Cannabis Media Council forms to educate masses and destigmatize pot use
Photo via Kaboompics.

A new council has formed with the intention of separating fact from fiction on the subject of cannabis.

Through a culmination of industry experts and over 70 brands, the new organization aims to help rid the prevalence of misinformation about cannabis and assist with shifting the uneducated from “no to know.”

On Tuesday, the Cannabis Media Council formally announced its formation and it plans to persuade mainstream media outlets to make cannabis-focused advertising a priority.

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The council will be launching its first multi-channel ad campaign this fall in the U.S. in an effort to spread the word about the various ways that cannabis can have a beneficial impact on our lives.

“We are daring to change the narrative and strive to be the collective voice in cannabis that, similar to the USDA’s ‘Got Milk’ campaign, broadens consumer awareness and consideration for this amazing plant and her products,” said Amy Deneson, co-founder of the Cannabis Media Council.

“Checkoff programs with national, mainstream campaigns are standard in other industries but not yet sanctioned for the cannabis sector. In advance of national legalization, we are building the council to serve the growing industry’s need to connect with consumers.”

The first designated publishing partner for the council will be the San Francisco Chronicle, a part of Hearst Newspapers. The council plans to harness the power of Hearst’s audience networks through its advertising and marketing agency 46 Mile, which will be assisting with the upcoming ad campaign this fall.

“Though our industry has made massive progress on the regulatory side and today over half of the American population may legally purchase cannabis products, navigating advertising and media access is inconsistent and often the door is shut to our industry altogether,” said Joyce Cenali, co-founder of the Cannabis Media Council.

“When access is offered, the industry is often overpaying compared to traditional industries or has to define advertising based on antiquated attitudes. The Cannabis Media Council seeks to unlock broader media access for small to large businesses alike, and to educate media partners on how to enable compliant and balanced inventory.”

Bear Humboldt, Crypto Cannabis Club and Maison Bloom are a few examples of the many (70+) founding industry partners for the council.


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