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Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022
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Canadians want low-dose edibles: Organigram survey

A paid web poll found the most ideal dosage for infused products is only 5 milligrams of THC

Around half of Canadians who’ve never used cannabis before are willing to try legal edibles, and the most ideal dosage for the infused products is only 5 milligrams of THC or less.

That’s according to a survey  funded by New Brunswick producer Organigram (TSX: OGI) which polled 2,001 Canadians to find out their thoughts on infused edible products.

Canadians want low-dose edibles: Organigram survey

The Organigram survey said half of Canadians interested in edibles want to try infused chocolates. The company shipped its cannabis-infused truffles called Edison Bytes to select provinces last month. Press photo

However, an Organigram spokesperson said in an email that the survey wasn’t a scientific poll and it was conducted by a “third-party Canadian research partner.”

The online survey, which was conducted between Oct. 22 and Oct. 28, found that over half of current cannabis consumers anticipate choosing edibles over alcohol, now that edibles have been legal in Canada since December.

Among those polled, 67 per cent think dosage control and having products regulated is the most important factor when deciding whether to consume infused edibles.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company said the survey was based on a sample that represents Canada’s population, 19 and older, by canvassing equal amounts of men and women in all provinces and age groups, both in French and English. Also, the poll asked both current and non-users of cannabis.

Despite being an informal web survey, Organigram said the research will allow it to make more informed decisions around product design, consistent dosing and transparency of cannibinoid content.

“Legalization has changed the way people think about cannabis consumption. Entering this new era of cannabis legalization and designing new product types, we couldn’t assume to know Canadians’ attitudes on edibles, so we asked them,” Organigram CEO Greg Engel said in the statement.

The survey found that one in three Canadians expect to consume edibles, with the majority of curious consumers falling in the 19 to 34 age bracket.

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At 54 per cent, the majority of Canadians said they would consume edibles mainly at home, while almost one in four expect to try cannabis-infused drinks in a public setting like a bar.

Taste was an important factor among 58 per cent of those surveyed when choosing to consume edibles.

Around two-thirds of respondents in the 65 and above bracket were most interested in trying cannabis-infused baked goods. And the youngest age group of 19 to 34 were most interested in sweets at 72 per cent.

Just under half of Canadians polled were interested in trying weed-infused chocolates.

Organigram shipped its first infused chocolate Edison Cannabis Bytes to several provinces in February, and the company said it plans to launch more Edison and Trailblazer edibles in the coming months.

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Top image via Organigram


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