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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022
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Canada’s first micro weed ready for retail

Shelter said Monday that North 40, Canada’s first micro-cultivator, had made its initial Farmstead products available to retailers in Saskatchewan

Farmstead micro cannabis via North 40 and Shelter

The first batch of legal Canadian micro-cultivated cannabis is ready to sell.

Shelter Craft Collective said Monday that North 40, the country’s first federally approved micro-cultivator and processor, had made its initial Farmstead products available to retailers in Saskatchewan.

Update: CEO of online sales platform Craft Depot, Calan Aldred said on Twitter he has previously sold white-label product from another micro-licensed LP that wishes to remain anonymous.

The family-run grow also lives in the Land of the Living Skies, and will bring its first harvest to market under Shelter’s house brand, Farmstead.

North 40's first harvest of craft cannabis expected December

A preview of some of the incoming bud. Submitted photo

The prairie province pot will come in Blue Cheese and Green Cush varieties, sold as dried flower (1 gram and 3.5 grams), pre-rolls (0.7 gram and 1 gram) and pre-roll packs (3 x 0.3 grams and 4 x 0.5 grams).

Mugglehead reached out for pricing information, but did not hear back by publication time.

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Master grower Gord Nichol said in a statement that North 40 couldn’t be happier that its home province of Saskatchewan will be first-in-line to buy its hand crafted cannabis.

Nichol also said he believes this is the start of a turning point in the cannabis industry where quality will challenge big companies for consumers’ hearts and minds. “We trust our products will meet, and hopefully exceed expectations.”

According to the release, the product was processed in Shelter’s Agro-Greens facility. The company said this small-batch, hand-trimmed and non-irradiated cannabis is the first wave of what many expect to be a craft revolution in Canada’s weed industry.

“A lot of us lobbied for the inclusion of this class of licence and worked hard behind the scenes to make this happen,” Shelter communications director Jamie Shaw said. “We are proud to be bringing cannabis grown and processed in Saskatchewan to Saskatchewan consumers, and we hope other provinces look to what Saskatchewan is getting right.”

Kiaro, a retailer with stores in B.C. and Sask., said it’s been anxiously awaiting craft product.

“This is an important step forward in realizing the dreams and aspirations of legalization for producers, retailers and consumers alike; and we are committed to ensuring that small scale, craft producers have an opportunity to thrive in the regulated market.” VP of retail operations Andrew Gordon said.

Top image via Deposit Photos


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