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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021
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California weed company producing and donating hand sanitizer to local community

Hollister Biosciences’s CEO is calling on all business owners to do what they can for their local communities

California weed company producing and donating hand sanitizer to local community

A Californian cannabis company is manufacturing bottles of hand sanitizer and donating them to facilities that serve the most vulnerable members of its community.

On Tuesday Hollister Biosciences Inc. (CSE: HOLL) said in a statement that it’s in the process of making and distributing “a few thousand” bottles of hand sanitizer in its hometown of Hollister, CA.

Due to a statewide shelter at home mandate, non-essential manufacturing has been halted and some distribution channels have been delayed. Because cannabis has been deemed an essential business, Hollister says it’s using that standing to source and produce hand sanitizer for its local community.

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The company said it will give its first batch of sanitizer to the Hollister food bank, and more batches will be donated in the coming weeks to facilities “that are often overlooked,” such as the food bank, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, and homeless shelters.

Hollister CEO Carl Saling said his local community is near and dear to his company and, as the first licensed cannabis producer in the city, the company must do whatever it can to help.

“It infuriated me seeing companies price gouging much needed items, such as hand sanitizer,” he said. “I am all for making money, but not at the expense of playing on people’s fears during a time of crisis. We just had to act.”

“I am calling all business owners to step up in this time of crisis and do whatever you can to help your local community.”

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Top image: An empty hand sanitizer section in a Cambodian drug store in January, 2020. Photo by Mx. Granger via Wikimedia Commons


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