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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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Biomind Labs develops sublingual psychedelic drug to treat Alzheimer’s

The under-the-tongue drug candidate will be studied in a Phase II clinical trial prior to commercialization

Biomind Labs develops sublingual psychedelic drug to treat Alzheimer's
Photo via Alzheimer's Society

Biomind Labs Inc. (NEO: BMND) (OTC: BMNDF) (FSE: 3XI) has formulated the first batch of a novel new drug candidate from 5-MeO-DMT designed to treat Alzheimer’s by improving neuroplasticity and alleviating depression and anxiety linked to the disease.

The Toronto-based biotechnology company announced news of the accomplishment on Wednesday and plans to study the sublingual tablet drug designated as BMND08 in an upcoming Phase II clinical trial.

5-MeO-DMT is a powerful psychedelic molecule much more potent than regular DMT. It was first synthesized by two Japanese chemists in 1936 and also occurs naturally in the glands of the Sonoran Desert toad (Bufo Alvarius).

The psychedelic has been gaining mainstream popularity in recent years and celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are known to have experimented with it and had very powerful positive experiences. Paul expressed that the psychoactive drug had helped him remedy the negative impact of concussions and improved his mental well-being.

Biomind says the sublingual method of administration has multiple advantages over oral drug delivery such as a more predictable potency, faster absorption and lessened interaction with other medications and foods in an individual’s system. The company’s tablet is also particularly beneficial for elderly uncooperative patients with cognitive issues and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

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“A new milestone achieved that strengthens our vertically integrated strategy. Our scientific team has completed the challenging development of our proprietary sublingual formulation containing 5-MeO-DMT and the production of the first batch to be used in the Phase II trial,” said Alejandro Antalich, CEO of the company.

“We are extremely excited about our novel drug candidate which may allow us to address a new line of development to attenuate depression and anxiety states in patients with Alzheimer’s-type cognitive impairment.”

Antalich says the company is motivated by a desire to find solutions for devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and improve neuroplasticity in patients. Biomind focuses on the development of novel psychedelic drug formulations derived from DMT, mescaline and 5-MeO-DMT.

“The main objective of developing this formulation was based on providing a scalable formulation that would be inexpensive, convenient for repeated and prolonged use, and pain-free,” said Paola Díaz Dellavalle, Chief Scientific Officer of the company.

Dellavalle also says 5-MeO-DMT is usually broken down by monoamine oxidase enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing absorption into the circulatory and central nervous systems. However, with BMND08 the company has added monoamine oxidase inhibitors to prevent this from happening.

“For the oral route of administration, adding monoamine oxidase inhibitors to protect 5-MeO-DMT from the first pass-metabolism, becomes critical. This factor considerably increases the complexity of the formulation, which maximizes the achievement,” added Dellavalle.


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