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Monday, Apr 15, 2024
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Aurora Cannabis launches 50% THC pre-roll for medical patients

The first lot tested 52.8 per cent

Aurora Cannabis launches 50% THC pre-roll for medical patients
San Rafael '71 Sourdough pre-rolls. Photo via Aurora Cannabis.

Aurora Cannabis (NASDAQ: ACB) (TSX: ACB)’s medical patients will get to enjoy the company’s first high potency pre-roll that has hit its online store this week.

On Tuesday, the major cannabis producer announced the launch of its first high-potency infused pre-roll which tested 52.8 per cent for the first lot.

The cultivar is Sourdough Shortcuts which launched under the San Rafael ’71 brand and is infused with pure live resin THCA diamonds. The pre-rolls come as a three-pack with 0.35 grams of a blend of cannabis flower and live resin each.  Sourdough is a cross of Cake and Sour Diesel and is known for its bread-y smells.

“We continue to innovate our portfolio to meet evolving patient needs and are committed to delivering the novel, high-quality products we know our patients are looking for,” Lana Culley said in a statement.

“Sourdough Shortcuts are designed with patients in mind and provide a new level of potency in both a convenient format and elevated product experience.”

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Besides Aurora, other companies have launched potent pre-rolls such as the Prince Edward Island-based cannabis producer RETRO Cannabis & Hemp Extracts.

The craft producer launched its Potent Pete! pre-roll on Wednesday which is infused with a full-spectrum micronized THC isolate (FSMI). The cultivar is Powdered Donuts and is said to have a content of 55 per cent or  550 mg/g and a terpene profile of 2.1 per cent. The infused pre-rolls are available nationwide in a 0.5-gram three-pack.

Cannabis industry experts have expressed concerns about the incorrect labelling of products. This issue came to light after private tests revealed that not all legally sold cannabis items meet the stated THC levels.

In March of last year, Supra Research and Development conducted tests on cannabis products for THC content. The analytics lab discovered that many cannabis flower packages sold in British Columbia were labelled with inaccurately high THC percentages.

Specifically, 3 per cent of the products were found to have over 15 per cent less THC than what was claimed on the packaging.

Gordon Nichol, the owner and President of North 40 Cannabis, shared similar findings. He described the results from 33 tested cannabis products obtained from retail stores across Ontario and the Canadian Prairies as “really ugly.”

Out of the 33 samples from various companies, only seven met the THC labeling accuracy standards according to the lab used by Nichol.

The companies that passed the test include Joi Botanicals, Aurora Cannabis San Rafael ’71, Lot420, Tribal Cannabis, Highland Cannabis, Carmel Cannabis and North 40.


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