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Saturday, Dec 3, 2022
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Amazon unveils Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker

New smart device will be available in the U.S. by the end of 2022 and will cost US$139.99 with six months of Halo membership included

Amazon unveils Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker
Photo via Amazon.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) will soon be releasing a new innovative bedside sleep-tracking gadget throughout the United States on an undetermined date before the end of 2022.

On Wednesday, the company revealed Halo Rise, a so-called advanced machine learning and sensor technology capable of providing precise ambient analysis of sleep patterns from your night table.

The new product will come with a six-month membership to Amazon’s Halo health & wellness application containing a variety of workout programs and other services.

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“Quality sleep is an incredibly important factor in our overall health and well-being. In today’s busy world, getting more and better sleep is one of the areas that customers ask us about the most, which is why we’re tackling sleep head on,” said Melissa Cha, vice president of Amazon Smart Home and Health.

“Halo Rise is designed to work intelligently in the background and give you an entirely new and effortless way to manage your sleep and achieve sleep-life harmony.”

Amazon says that the new device is capable of accurately sensing breathing and movement patterns throughout the night to ascertain an individual’s sleep stages.

Upon waking up in the morning the gadget will show you a detailed summary and graph outlining your sleep phases, amount of REM sleep and light sleep, an overall sleep score and details about the user’s sleep environment.

The company claims that built-in environmental sensors in Halo Rise can track the humidity levels, temperature and amount of light in a user’s room. Furthermore, the Amazon Halo app can offer “science-backed” advice on how to optimize the sleep environment in a person’s bedchamber.

“Sleep is a central pillar of good health, and the benefits of consistent, sufficient sleep are well-documented, touching on nearly every aspect of our mental and physical well-being,” said Dr. Carolyn D’Ambrosio, associate professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine.

“Yet research shows that one in three adults don’t get enough sleep. With its comprehensive approach, Halo Rise is leading the future of sleep technology.”

A YouTube video on the new product and a more comprehensive and detailed list of the device’s features can be found here.


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