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Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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AI and Autonomy

AB Tasty launches EmotionsAI, a personalized digital marketing tool

The company says EmotionsAI is a unique product that helps brands personalize to customers on an emotional level

AB Tasty launches EmotionsAI technology, a personalized digital marketing tool
AB Tasty's presentation on October 31, 2019. The company had established a diverse client base 4 years ago and was founded in 2013. Photo via AB Tasty

New York’s artificial intelligence technology developer AB Tasty has launched a new digital product utilizing the power of AI to appeal to customers on an emotional level.

The company announced the debut of EmotionsAI on Wednesday and says it provides online shoppers with segmented specific content based on their emotional needs, which can significantly drive up sales rates for companies that can efficiently utilize it.

“Understanding the needs of customers is critical to achieving commercial success in today’s economic landscape,” said Alix de Sagazan, one of the company’s founders.

AB Tasty says it obtained the technology through the acquisition of the French software company Dotaki, which spent eight years engaged with research on psychographic modeling, device utilization, customer behaviours and AI in combination with data on real-time website interactions.

According to the company, the AI platform is 300 per cent more efficient at detecting ways to increase revenue in A/B or split testing where two versions of something are examined to determine which performs better. The results EmotionsAI brings to this method of improving online performance were described by the company as “astounding.”

Emotions wheel utilized to by the AI tech to predict customer behaviour. Image via AB Tasty

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‘The future of digital personalization and experimentation’ says the tech developer

A project manager at the kids’ e-commerce site Jacadi said EmotionsAI accounts for 10 per cent of the company’s revenue globally and that AB Tasty has helped Jacadi improve results in testing that impacts its business by 60 per cent.

“It places the customer at the heart of digital experiences and means brands can get clear return on investment by diving deeper into what works for different emotional types using these analytics,” said the company’s other Founder, Remi Aubert.

AB Tatsy says it had its most successful fiscal year to date prior to launching EmotionsAI. The company recently signed the major media conglomerate Thomson Reuters Corporation (TSX: TRI) as a new client as well as the Spanish airline Air Europa and clothing retailer Chico’s FAS (NYSE: CHS).

In May, AB Tasty became an official partner of Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google Cloud.

Other major clients in the company’s roster include McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), L’Oréal (EPA: OR) and the luxury goods corporation Kering (EPA: KER). AB Tasty has 12 offices throughout the globe in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Prominent companies utilizing AI to analyze human emotions for various purposes include IBM (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Boston’s software company Cogito Inc.


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